A Profound Vision

The Rosemont Care Group specializes in the acquisition and cultivation of modest, family-operated home care businesses, elevating them to substantial enterprises equipped to meet the demands of care within their respective communities. With a deep understanding of the ongoing and evolving needs of our residents, we are unwaveringly dedicated to our remarkable mission. By seamlessly infusing a human touch of empathy into our corporate strategies, we are able to elevate the patient experience through the provision of unparalleled care.

Strong Leadership

Guiding Direction

Asher Rosenberg

Founder and CEO
Founder Asher Rosenberg is driven to supporting and helping individuals obtain the medical care they need and deserve. An entrepreneur with a proven track of growth and success, he leads with strategic oversight – hiring premium staff, setting clear budgets and creating systems that work.

Nicole P.

COO Nicole P. has been passionately involved In the Home Care field for over a decade. Nicole analyzes internal operations to identify strategic process enhancements for both clients and employees. Driven to surpass industry norms, she ensures exceptionally smooth operations and growth.

Joan N.

RN Superviser
RN Supervisor Joan N. furthers 40-plus years of excellence in the field to ensure clients receive proper and deserving care. Focused on each client, she spends quality time in discussion with individuals to learn about their particular needs. Consistently going the extra mile, she reviews care plans and implements necessary changes to upgrade, enrich and make a difference in the lives of all she serves.

Gaby N.

Director of Marketing

Gaby is Director of Marketing and Human Resources, responsible for company growth and development. Gaby is driven to build enduring relationships with physicians and clients and guide residents and their families in the direction that best suits their needs. At the same time, she works with staff, ensuring they are given all the requisite tools to succeed in their careers.

Rachel W.

executive assistant

Rachel W is our experienced project manager. A spirited and dynamic team leader with exceptional talent, Rachel assists Mr Rosenberg in all aspects of business execution.

Yaakov G.


Yaakov G is Rosemont’s proficient bookkeeper. Meticulous with an eye for detail, Yaakov oversees the company’s quickbooks and reports, streamlining accurate and up-to-date financial information.

The Trusted Name in Home Healthcare